Women Health Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for women mainly addresses issues to the female reproductive system, childbirth, prenatal and postnatal care and issues with infertility. We aim to relieve or ease pain, improve muscle function, and improve your pelvic joint position and stability. This may include manual therapy to make sure the joints of your pelvis, hip and spine move normally. Exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, stomach, back and hip muscles. This will assist women with:

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How Women Health Physiotherapy Helps?

Women health physiotherapy has an important role in curing most of the disorders affecting pelvis and pelvic floor. Most of the people don’t know about the help available and are very embarrassed to ask help for them during delivery and postnatal. From urinary or fecal incontinence to prolapse of pelvis and pelvic organs, pelvic pain and constipation can be cured with pelvic physiotherapy under an expert guidance. Neo physio one of the best women health physiotherapy service provider in coimbatore

Pelvic floor muscles have an important function and should be in balance to make the day today activities do smoothly. they should not either be weak (hypo tonic)which can leads to pelvic organs prolapsed, urinary and bowel incontinence due to lack of support by pelvic muscles nor too strong(hyper tonic) which leads to increased urine frequency, urgency, hesitancy or incomplete emptying and painful urination, also causing unexplained low backache and pain during sexual intercourse. In pregnant women due to hormonal changes and continuous growth of baby leads to pelvic girdle pain and urinary symptoms are common. This makes more difficult to stop the flow and cause urinary leak. This should not be left casually as it will increases risk of urinary incontinence in future. Taking physiotherapy exercises before, during and after delivery can help you smoothly tackle your birth care, tone of muscles and incontinence problems.

women health physiotherapy in coimbatore

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