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Pediatric physiotherapy focuses on the physical needs and help to achieve their optimal physical development of infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents with a variety of developmental neuromuscular skeletal or other physical disorders including

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Pediatric physiotherapy deals with the evaluation and rehabilitation of disorders that occur in infants to adolescents. It helps children with motor disabilities to improve their gross mobility and functionality, with the aim of maximizing their independence, autonomy and safety, as well as properly preparing their child so that they can successfully participate in their social environment and in the activities of daily life. pediatric physiotherapy in coimbatore

Why your baby needs physiotherapy

How Pediatric Physiotherapy Works?

We are dedicated to provide assessment, screening and rehabilitation for your little ones. Every child is precious to us, proper treatment will be given at proper time for their future well being. Our experts assess the child and offer a comprehensive therapy plan based on child difficulties, needs, parents requirement to support the child throughout their development. Physiotherapy rehabilitation aims on child development through facilitated play hands on techniques and encouragement of normal movements and sensory responses. Our wide range of pediatric approaches and equipment make a very positive and enjoyable experience.  We work towards confidence development and boost child self esteem.     

How to avail Pediatric Physiotherapy in Coimbatore?

We are highly trained experts for children and babies physiotherapy needs. We provide physiotherapy at your doorstep at your comfort all across Coimbatore. We are available at on call, your preferred times, including any time of the day, week-ends, and emergencies. You can book your consultation through both online and offline.     

Pediatric Physiotherapy in Coimbatore

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